All over the world by way of little-known winter sports activities

What traveler has by no means dreamed of going around the globe? Let’s face it: it is not simple. You’ll want to have cash for it, days off and nil tasks that tie you to your normal dwelling. Nonetheless, in case you are a fortunate one that has all of the services to journey the planet, then it’s best to know that there are lots of issues that may lead you to decide on one vacation spot or one other. Gastronomy, museums, seashores, mountains, deserts, wild fauna or, why not, winter sports activities.

However on this case I do not need to focus solely on snowboarding or ice skating on pure slopes. There are numerous winter sports activities, some actually little recognized, and on this article we’re going to attempt to go around the globe by way of them.

polar bear swim

Each January in South Korea, the Polar Bear Swim takes place. However removed from what it will appear from its identify, animals don’t take part in it, however folks. Contributors plunge into the frozen water, typically even piercing the floor ice, and swim 80 meters carrying nothing however swimsuits. A curious winter sport with which Koreans welcome the brand new 12 months, though it’s mentioned to have its origin in Canada.

curling | Pixabay


Curling is a winter sport that, though it’s unknown to many individuals, is already practiced in Spain. It’s a sport that originated within the sixteenth century in Scotland and through which two groups of 4 members face one another by sliding eight 20kg granite stones in an ice hall. With a sort of brushes, which might be much like hockey sticks, they attempt to information the stones with out touching them, simply by friction or sanding the ice, till they information them to the goal on the finish of the hall.


The origin of bobsleigh, an Olympic winter sport however unknown among the many basic inhabitants, is within the Swiss Alps. There are three forms of it: 2, 4 or 6 folks. However in all circumstances the members do the identical factor: throw themselves on a sort of metal and fiberglass sleds by way of slender and labyrinthine tracks reaching a velocity of as much as 100km/h.


Bobsled | Pixabay

snow boating

We’re used to seeing athletes kayaking within the sea or in rivers, however it’s not so widespread to see them slide by way of the snow. Nonetheless, it’s what those that observe snow boating or snow kayaking do, a winter sport whose first race was held in Austria and which consists of throwing your self down the snowy slope in the absolute best option to attain the end line first.


Skijoring or snowboarding is a winter sport that arose in Scandinavia within the mid-Nineteenth century. An athlete with skis on his ft is pulled by an animal (typically a horse and typically canines) or by a motorcar and thus competes with different members in races.


Skijoring | Picture by Kailla Angelo on Wikipedia, license: CC BY-SA 3.0


The identify of this winter sport is unusual, however its observe could be very easy: two groups of seven gamers compete by throwing snowballs, typically protected by blocks of ice to cover behind. It arose in Japan and, though it’s a leisure exercise that anybody who has stepped on snow has ever practiced, there they even set guidelines of the sport: if they’re hit by a snowball they’re mechanically eradicated from the sport.

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