Desires haven’t any borders: touring opens minds

There may be a lot discuss sustainability, about fearing a future that’s all the time unsure as a result of it’s unknown. Throughout my childhood, in my soul as a toddler nested a terror that every little thing would disappear as a consequence of a horrible nuclear confrontation between two blocks. The press didn’t conceal the ‘collateral injury’ and the horrible photographs of wars (Vietnam/Cambodia/Eritrea/independence wars…).

They confirmed us ache and demise. The results of those bombs had been ceaselessly recalled and we had been conscious that, absurdly, a higher quantity and extra highly effective nuclear bombs had been accumulating, which had the capability to destroy your entire humanity a number of occasions over. And that horrible nightmare might occur tomorrow!

Is our planet sustainable? Doubts and fears assail us. However we’re sure of one thing: this world just isn’t sustainable with out peace. Ukraine, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, South Sudan, Congo, Palestine, Eritrea or Yemen cry out within the horrible vacancy of a humanity that doesn’t pay attention that nothing is sustainable with out peace.

The World Tourism Group (UNWTO) signifies that in 2019 1,500 million vacationers crossed the borders. A whole lot of tens of millions are the human beings who annually search to meet a dream by beginning a journey. By touring they treasure days of happiness. Days in dream locations. After that ‘parenthesis’ of their lives, they are going to return to their realities, these realities that in flip enable them to take care of new targets and goals. Touring, goals haven’t any borders, they appear to open up welcoming us to nearly any nook of the planet with a smile.

Nonetheless, UNHCR reminds us that round 95 million refugees ‘survive’; folks displaced by wars, violence, intolerance. They dream that there have been no borders. Fleeing from their realities, they start journeys by which solely hope permits them to bear the burden of uncertainties and fears.

Hundreds of thousands are ready in infinite and grey refugee camps, to those who many others couldn’t even attain after sowing the trail with their wandering our bodies. They do not have a return ticket, they can not face the opportunity of having to return!

For them, too, goals haven’t any borders. Nonetheless, the fact they face is the nightmare of virtually all the time closed borders: fences, police, prohibitions… even when they handle to beat them, they would be the ‘completely different’, the ‘refugee’, the ’emigrant’ and they’ll face appears to be like loaded with intolerance, “victims seen as responsible”.

The tourism trade lives on goals

Peace just isn’t potential with out tolerance and respect between completely different cultures. Attending to know our planet, sharing smiles with fellow species who reside in different realities and profess different beliefs is the easiest way to sow seeds of tolerance and respect within the souls of those that journey.

From each human being we are able to be taught one thing, from each human being we are able to educate one thing. Understanding the immense wealth that variety is for humanity, the infinite data that accumulates in every thoughts, in every society, in every tradition. Cease fearing the completely different, to, quite the opposite, know that this distinction offers humanity as a complete the opportunity of rising by way of its approach of seeing life.

The world is moved by feelings, concern is a horrible emotion. Worry is commonly born out of ignorance. We ignore, we despise, we concern what we have no idea. Worry of the unknown results in hatred of the unknown. Figuring out, smiling, understanding the completely different fears disappear and provides approach —nearly all the time— to the proximity of souls, flourishing to the rejection of violence.

How a lot humanity has modified with the appearance of the Web! Its impression has been gigantic and has opened infinite worlds of infinite human beings to us!

How a lot humanity has modified by way of the motion of billions of human beings who’ve recognized different nations and cultures. Hundreds of thousands of individuals have smiled and understood different beings—perceived in a different way—travelling. How a lot tourism has contributed, by way of the a whole bunch of tens of millions of messengers of peace that vacationers change into after assembly ‘one other’, within the rising and world feeling of humanity that wishes peace, tolerance and coexistence amongst completely different folks.

Touring opens minds. Touring makes human beings extra respectful of different cultures. Touring sows in our souls seeds of tolerance, of respect… of these flower seeds that yearn for peace and that cry out for the necessity for us to know the right way to share our lovely and various planet.

Tourism is undoubtedly the best ambassador for peace that humanity represents. Conflict is destruction, there isn’t any sustainability with out peace. These ‘different vacationers’ wouldn’t exist within the refugee camps if we obtain that the primary goal of humanity is tolerance, respect and peace between completely different folks.

Variations which are truly nearly non-existent after we discuss concerning the feelings that transfer human beings: the need for happiness, the necessity to love, the have to be understood or a minimum of to respect our approach of seeing life, the seek for a dignified life for us and those that observe us on the highway.

***Luis García is the founding father of Europa Mundo Vacaciones, member of the board of administrators of EMV and designer of vacationer circuits.

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